Legal   Notification   Complying   with   the   Act   34/2002   of   11th   June   regarding   Company Services    for        Information    and    Electronic    Commerce,    we    would    inform    you    that ALFONSO   CASTRO   SÁEZ   –   GRAN   ALACANT   INSURANCES,   domiciled   at   c/   Monte   Santa Pola,   13      Office   11   –   03130   Gran   Alacant   –   Santa   Pola   (Alicante)   and   inscription   number 33497383 E is the titleowner of this website. According   to   the   provisions   of   the   Spanish   Organic   Act   15/1999   regarding   Personal   Data Protection,   in   the   event   that   an   e-mail   is   sent   to   us   to   the   address   shown   in   the   same,   or that   a   data   collection   form   is   filled   in,   we   would   inform   you   that   the   personal   data   given to   us   will   be   registered   in   the   file   for   which   ALFONSO   CASTRO   –   GRAN   ALACANT INSURANCES is responsible. The   purpose   of   the   same   is   to   deal   with   the   enquiry,   offering   insurance,   maintain   a commercial    relationship    and    to    send    by    any    means    including    by    e-mail,    or    other equivalent   electronic   communication,   publicity   or   promotional   information   regarding the products or services of the company. You   will   be   able   to   express   refusal   of   your   data   being   processed   for   publicity   purposes and    to    exercise    the    rights    of    access,    rectification,    cancellation    and    opposition    in accordance   with   that   established   in   current   legislation,   by   writing   to   the   following address:   c/   Monte   Santa   Pola,   13,   Office   11,   03130   Gran   Alacant   –   Santa   Pola   (Alicante)   or   to the    e-mail    address    ALFONSO    CASTRO    –    GRAN ALACANT   INSURANCES   declares   that   it   has   adopted   all   the   necessary   and   relevant security    measures    as    established    in    the    Spanish    Royal    Decree    1720/2007    of    21st December,   by   which   the   Regulatory   Decree   implementing   the   LOPD   [Ley   Orgánica   de Protección   de   Datos   –   Spanish   Personal   Data   Protection   Act]   was   approved,   and   that   it has   established   all   technical   methods   within   its   means   to   avoid   the   loss,   wrongful   use, alteration, non-authorised access or theft of the data you may supply. All   the   contents   of   the   website,   and   in   particular   tradenames,   businessnames,   industrial designs,   designs,   texts,   photographs,   graphics,   logos,   icons,   software   and   any   other   signs that   may   be   used   in   industry   and   business,   are   protected   by   the   industrial   property   and intellectual   rights   of   ALFONSO   CASTRO   –   GRAN   ALACANT   INSURANCES.   Their   use and/or    reproduction    are    the    refore    prohibited    without    the    express    consent    of    the company.   ALFONSO   CASTRO   –   GRAN   ALACANT   INSURANCES   will   not   be   responsible for   infringements   of   intellectual   property   or   industrial   rights   of   third   parties   originating from   the   inclusion   in   the   website   of   trademarks,   businessnames,   industrial   designs, patents,   designs,   texts,   photographs,   graphics,   logos,   iconsor   software   corresponding   to third   parties   who,   when   including   them   in   the   website,   have   declared   they   are   the titleowners of the same. The   user   is   obliged   to   use   the   contents   of   the   website   in   a   conscientious,   correct   and legal   manner   and   undertakes:   a)   Not   to   use   the   contents   for   objectives   or   purposes contrary   to   the   law,   to   public   morals   and   to   normal   customs   or   public   order.   b)   Not   to reproduce,    copy,    distribute,    allow    public    access    by    whatever    means    of    public communication,     transform     or     modify     the     contents,     unless     the     corresponding authorisation   from   the   titleowner   there   of   has   been   given.   c)   Not   to   use   the   contents   of the   website   to   send   publicity,   communications   for   purposes   of   direct   sales   or   for   any other    commercial    purpose,    unsolicited    messages    sent    to    a    multitude    of    people regardless   of   its   purpose,   and   to   abstain   from   marketing   or   divulging   such   information in   any   way.   In   the   event   of   any   kind   of   dispute,   both   parties   will   try   to   come   to   a   friendly agreement. If   this   is   not   possible   the   Courts   of   Alicante   will   have   jurisdiction   to   deal   with   the   case and   the   parties   will   not   have   recourse   to   any   other   jurisdiction   for   the   purposes   of   legal action. USERS   WHO   DO   NOT   AGREE   WITH   THIS   POLICY   MUST   NOT   INTRODUCE   ANY   DATA   BY MEANS OF THIS WEBSITE OR ACCESS THE CONTENT OF THIS WEBSITE.
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